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This article is a beginner’s intro to what content marketing is and how you can use it to generate tons of traffic.

In short…

Content marketing is creating something of value and then publishing it on the internet

The more value people get from reading or watching your content the more likely they are to share it, and then it gets shared again and again and again.

A single piece of high-quality valuable content might be all you need to get those first commissions rolling in.

Generally, you want to have a content marketing strategy that sends people to your high converting landing page

The content you create pre-sells people on the idea that there is a solution to their problem.

Then, there is a call to action in the content, that sends people to your landing page.

Simple stuff for sure, but content marketing’s broader objective is to make you a trusted expert in a particular niche.

People tend to listen to those they feel are in a position of authority.

That’s the reputation you want in your niche.

This is also referred to as being a thought leader.

This way, when you recommend a product, people will be more likely to listen to you and to buy the product you suggest.


Content Marketing is the only marketing left - Seth Godin

Where To Find Content Ideas

You might want to bookmark these sites and come back to them later.

Try using Buzzsumo to see what’s the most shared content on the web at the moment.

Beirresistible.com also has a collection of articles and reports that you can use and share on your blog.

Click here for the Beirresistible resources.

How do you start content marketing?

Start by creating awesome content…

Really, that’s the nut of content marketing.

If your writing skills are sharp then write the content yourself.

If not, seek the services of a writer.

Either way, you’ll want to try the content technique I’m going to show you next.

It’s a technique that almost guarantees you’ll produce the best possible content and it’s called the ‘skyscraper’ technique.

Here’s how you do it.

Let’s say, you decide to write an article that gives dating tips to single women.

The first thing you do is Google the search term ‘dating tips for single women’.

Next, look at the top result, because…

The job at hand is to create a better piece of content than what sits at number one.

It really is worth your time to get some quality articles on a blog and build up your authority, authenticity, and long-term prosperity.

You’ll be far more successful in selling Beirresistible products if you spend a short amount of time building up trust and respect in the relationship niche.

Don’t worry though, it’s nothing to stress over.

All it takes to become an authority is a little effort to get some articles written.

If you choose to outsource the writing of the articles then you’ll get there even quicker.

A ‘Golden Rule’ to follow every time you publish a blog post or article

Ask yourself:

  • Is this something I would read, enjoy, and learn something new?
  • Is it comprehensive, engaging and unique enough to stand out from all the other posts in this niche?
  • Does it make me look like I really know my stuff?

How To Promote Your Content

Social Media

One option to promote your content is to use social media and social bookmarking sites.

Over time, if you keep publishing awesome content, you can build up a large social following.

You’ll be able to use that following to instantly reach a huge selection of people interested in what you have to say.

The reason social is so effective is…

It allows you to communicate with a captive audience who have a shared interest.

Thus, you can gain a massive amount of shares and reads almost immediately.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is a fast-track method for taking advantage of the groundwork that other marketers have already done.

In very short, you’re going to ask an established authority to promote your content to their huge audience.

So, how do you find an authority and ask them to promote your content?

There are several ways to do this.

First, you can do it yourself with ease using software such as Ninja Outreach, or you can outsource the work to either a freelancer on a platform like Upwork.

The key to influencer marketing is building relationships.

Some influencers do accept payments, so it is possible to speed up the relationship building process.

If you pay an influencer to help you then what you would do next is, is create content specifically designed for them to share.

Another option is to agree to do each other the same favor and thereby share each other’s content to your existing audiences.

This technique can be immensely powerful when used correctly.

A good place to find these influencers in on YouTube.

Video creators often don’t earn much money from their videos and are looking for help in funding their channels.


SEO stands for ‘Search Engine Optimization’ and it essentially means managing your content, website, and marketing in such a way that it will enhance your site’s visibility on Google and Bing.

You should be using SEO to try and further your efforts in promoting yourself online.

In the past, SEO was very simple and all it really entailed was creating lots of content with your ‘keywords ‘ (the search terms) in it and generating as many links to your website as possible (with the keywords as your anchor text).

Over time though, Google has evolved and has become much smarter.

A lot of internet marketers were using SEO to manipulate their position on Google and this resulted in Google having to update its algorithms.

Now Google is sensitive to anything that looks like obvious SEO and instead the only way to climb the ranks of the search engine reliably is to update your site regularly with high-quality content.

When you do this other websites will start to link to your content.

These links are known as backlinks, and the more powerful backlinks you have, the higher your site ranks in Google.

As such, content marketing and SEO are largely inseparable these days.

Good content marketing and good SEO involve populating your site with lots of very high-quality posts.

SEO has gotten complicated enough that this email can’t cover even the bare bones of it.

However, in our experience using even the most basic of SEO on your site makes a difference.

You don’t need to become a professional SEO overnight, just learn the basics.

If you’d like to learn more about SEO then check out our SEO 101 article. 

Guest Posting

One more strategy that still works well is guest posting.

Guest posting essentially means that you are writing a post for a blog other than your own and offering it to another blog to publish it free of charge.

As a result, they get more content for their site, which helps them to provide their visitors with more value.

But of course, you aren’t just doing this out of the goodness of your heart…

In exchange, you ask them to include a link back to your blog or landing page along with some description about who you are (this is called an author box).

This way, they get free content and you get a link from a well-known blog and an authority.

To speed this process up you can try Ninja Outreach’s done for you guest post service.

I wonder how much value you got from this overview of some popular content marketing techniques was useful.