Google can be a great advertising option for His Secret Obsession affiliates. It has multiple traffic options, including search, display, Youtube, and Gmail.

In this particular post we are going to talk about advertising His Secret Obsession on Google search and Google display.


To advertise on Google you will need your own website. Affiliates cannot advertise on Google directly to a ClickBank hoplink.

There are plenty of resources on the internet about setting up a quick website. We suggest you do a few YouTube searches for the best, up-to-date tutorials.

Google Search

Google search is a great option for affiliates, and it usually brings in high quality traffic that converts very well.

 On the Google Search platform you will use keyword targeting.

 You pick search terms (keywords) that you want to bid on, and for these terms your ad will appear at the top of the search results.

 There are plenty of good relationship keywords that have done great for His Secret Obsession. 

 Here is a list of some of the best relationship keywords for His Secret Obsession.

 As far as building your advertisement, Google uses responsive search ads. 

 We have a great resource here to help you build responsive search ads with the best headlines and descriptions.

 Here is an example of how a search ad might look:

Example responsive search ad

Google Display

The Google Display Network allows you to place your ads on websites all over the internet. 

 This can be a very powerful resource with massive reach.

 There is so much traffic, and we have seen marketers purchase billions of ads using the Google Display Network.

 For targeting on this network, we suggest you review our demographics and targeting pages.

 For display advertisements, you will want to review our responsive search ads section of our website. 

 The responsive search ads are very similar ads to responsive display ads. 

 The only difference is that you will also be including images in your ads.

 Which Images to Use?

We have found some of the best images are couples involved in troubled relationship type scenarios. 

 For example: a couple that appears to be arguing, or a woman that appears to be frustrated or saddened by her man may do well.

 We have also seen great success using images of relationships in a comical style.  Plus this comical style may be better for staying compliant with Google Advertising standards.

 Google has a vast collection of free stock photos you can choose from.

 Here is one example of a responsive display ads with a frustrated couple.

Example responsible display ad

Google Conversion Tracking

For advertising on Google, we can help you setup your conversion pixel. 

 A pixel is a tiny piece of code we will place on our website thank you page to ensure you get data for any sales.

 This data will help the Google algorithm find more winning keywords and display placements for you.

 We have an article here with information about adding pixels to our website.

 And that is a our brief introduction.

 I hope this has been helpful for you, and if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out.