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Market Directly To Your Customers And make money faster


What if I told you there was a method to directly market to customers…

Without having to build up any social media followers or bother with organic search results…

Would you want to know more?

This almost instant cash method I’m talking about is called direct marketing, and it basically means showing your commission link directly to an audience.

There are a number of ways you can do this:


Paid Advertising

The most obvious way to get your link out there immediately is with paid advertising.

The best option here will be to use a form of PPC advertising, which means ‘Pay Per Click’.

With this type of advertising, you only pay when someone actually clicks on your ads.

This amount is predefined by ‘bidding’ on advertising space and by setting an advertising budget.

What is so amazing about paid advertising and affiliate marketing is that you are essentially just the middle-man taking your cut.


  • You find a place to put the ads
  • You create links to the offer, or to landing pages that lead to the offer
  • Then you turn on the traffic and start making money
  • You are spending money to make more money
  • If you can get the system working it’s the best way to make money online!


Once you’ve set up an advertising campaign, you’ll want to begin to build up a picture of who your target audience is.

Example: For Beiresistible products, you would only want to target a female audience.

Here is some audience targeting ideas for Beirresistible.

Here is some demographic information about beirresistible visitors.

Here is a list of possible keyword targeting ideas.


What types of ads to show?

Here are some great banner examples you can use.

Here are some Facebook ad ideas.

Here is a list of text Ad ideas


More Direct Marketing Techniques

There are a ton of other ways you can start making money from direct marketing.

One example is to sponsor a big blogger or social media influencer to use your link, which is another form of influencer marketing.

Another is to provide guest posts with your affiliate link embedded in them, or a link to a landing page – this way, there’s zero up-front investment so you’ll be making pure profit.

You can also post directly onto forums, answer questions on sites like Quora, or post to social bookmarking sites – just be careful not to get banned.

You can create a YouTube video and get a surprising number of views without having to do any marketing or legwork.


Where can you buy traffic?

It’s important to note that Beirresistible does not allow affiliates to buy ads on Google or Bing.