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Using Facebook & Facebook Advertising to promote Beirresistible products

As you’re aware, Facebook is the king of social media with over 2 billion active users logging on to the platform every single month.

As an affiliate, you want to capitalize on the sheer number of Facebook users. Imagine if you can get even just a small percentage of Facebook users to click on one of your links.

We’re talking about thousands, millions, even billions of people reading your content – people who might even share your post and increase the exposure. All this leads to more sales and more cash in your wallet.



Organic Facebook Posts Vs Facebook Ads

There are two ways to promote content on Facebook:

  • Promoting it organically to your fans and followers
  • Promoting it on Facebook Ads

With the first method, you’re not paying Facebook any money. You’re only promoting to your fans and followers on your fan page.

Many social media marketers swear by the power of Facebook Ads as it is cost-effective compared to other advertising options like Google AdWords and other traditional marketing methods.

With Facebook Ads, you can set up an ad from your Ads Manager account, target the right audience demographic, define your budget and Facebook will take care of the rest for you.

Know your target audience

Knowing this information is crucial to succeeding on Facebook, or any other social media platform for that matter.

For instance, if you’re selling women’s relationship products, there’s no sense including men in your target audience, right?

And if you’re targeting middle-aged women, say 35 to 65 year-olds, then you shouldn’t include females outside of that age range.

At Beirresistible marketing, we make it very easy, here are some targeting suggestions


Beirresistible only caters to women. This makes gender target a pretty easy choice.

Example: women


Beirresistible products and offers tend to perform better for older audiences. We recommend 35+ targeting.

Example: 35 – 65+

Relationship Status:

Consider relationship statuses that would indicate someone who needs relationship help.

Example: separated, divorced, it’s complicated.

Interested In:

We sell a product that helps women to improve their relationships with men. This means you can exclude women that are interested in women.

Example: Interested in men. Interested in unspecific.


Location targeting is advised. You will want to focus on locations that speak English.

Examples: US, UK, AUS, CAN, and NZ


In your first couple of campaigns, you want to make the most targeted audiences possible.

These will be most profitable for you.

Here are some suggested interests to help give you some ideas. (These have worked well for us in the past).

Examples: matchmaking, relationship counseling, speed dating, match.com, plenty of fish, chemistry.com, christianmingle.com, ourtime.com

Start off running advertisements with a small budget of, perhaps $5 per day to find out which group responds best to your ad.

Once you’ve found the winning demographic, then start to increase your advertising spend.

Create highly engaging ads

Knowing your audience and what they want allows you to create ads that will speak directly to them.

If you’ve got a product or service that addresses your target audience’s pain points, then you might get extremely good conversion rates.

That’s the beauty of putting the right offer in front of the right audience – you not only bring value to a lot of people, you also reap plenty of profits in return.

When creating ads, it’s best to know what kind of content your audience prefers.

If you’re targeting older audiences, then you may want to use videos and high-quality graphics to make it easy for them to consume your content.

Put yourself in your audience’s shoes, would you want to consume content in video format or would you want to squint your way through a 2,000-word article with size 10 font!

Optimizing your ad design is extremely important too. Facebook users get a lot of visual stimulation from the photos and videos their friends share with them. You have to stand out if you want people to notice your ad.

Here are some example Facebook ad ideas for Beirresistible.

Where to send the traffic?

A normal pathway for traffic buyers on Facebook would probably look like this.

You will want the traffic to go to your own landing page to prevent your account from being banned. Facebook doesn’t like affiliate marketing, especially relationship affiliate marketing.

You have a better chance of avoiding a Facebook banning if you use your own landing page.

Here are some other things you can do to prevent your account from getting banned.

  • Provide lots of valuable content. Hit a few different topics women would enjoy, not just relationships
  • Manage the comments on your Facebook ads, especially the negative ones.
  • Run ads that attract positive comments

If you are going to use Facebook, it’s important that your site comes off as offering genuine content

Should you try to capture the email lead?

Some affiliates try to capture the email lead before sending the lead to our sales presentation.

This is nice because the affiliate gets the email lead, but it might not be worth it.

The added step hurts conversions and might be enough to limit or prevent profitable traffic buying.

Your margins are going to be very narrow, and this step cuts out a lot of sales.

If you’re a sophisticated marketer, I suggest you test it carefully.

If you’re less advanced, I recommend getting the traffic to our sales offer as quickly as possible.

Also, if you’re trying to get people to sign up to your mailing list, then you have to offer them something of value first.

Don’t just create an ad on Facebook and ask people to sign up for your mailing list. You can’t just expect people to give you their email address simply because you asked for it. It doesn’t work like that.

If you want people to follow your call to action, you’re going to have to give them something valuable first, so you can gain their trust.

Beirresistible has an awesome PDF bonus generator you can use here.

Ad Location

When creating your ads, you need to specify where on the page you want your ads to appear.

There are quite a few of places where you can place your ads – in people’s news feed, the right-hand column, in the audience network, in instant articles, and Instagram.

We recommend beginning in the main news feed. It has been most profitable for us in the past.

From there you will want to test placements and ads.

When testing, you’re going to have to isolate the variables one at a time so you can know exactly what’s working and what’s not.

For instance, if you want to know why people aren’t engaging with your ads, then you may want to do a split test by creating a second advert with a different cover image, or a different title, and so on.

Split testing may feel like an unnecessary expenditure, but most Facebook Ads experts suggest split testing your way to success.

It’s better to know what’s going to contribute to your success, and what’s going to impede it so you can adjust as necessary.

Facebook Groups

Facebook will not only help you drive traffic to your website, but you can literally grow an entire community on the platform.

In addition to publishing content on your fan page, you can also create a Facebook group to make engaging with your audience even easier.

This way, you not only establish yourself as an authority or as a leader in your industry, you also let people know you’re ready to help them out when necessary.