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Use Quora To Drive Traffic To Your Website and Make Commissions Selling Beirresistible Products


What Is Quora?

Quora is one of the web’s top question and answer websites.

On Quora, you can follow any topic you want. You can pretty much ask any question you want and someone will answer, sooner or later.

There’s plenty of traffic potential if you invest some time into building a good Quora profile.

Quora has massive traffic with over 100 million visitors per month

Quora is the 125th most visited website in the world and 59th in the United States. With over 190 million unique visitors per month…

…Imagine how much traffic your promotion link could get if you can tap into just a small percentage of Quora traffic.

Just remember to add your promotion link or landing page to your profile information and your Quora answers!


Many Quora posts rank high on Google search results

Quora has excellent domain authority.

You may have noticed that whenever you search Google for something, you’ll often see Quora at the top or near the top of search results pages.

That’s because Quora questions are often long-tail keywords that not many websites are writing or publishing content on.

When you click on those Quora articles, you’ll notice that the answers are usually in long form, and Google loves long-form content.

Many authors write hundreds, or even thousands, of words to answer people’s questions. These are the kinds of posts that make it to the top of Google.

Quora can be a major source of evergreen traffic

If you answer evergreen questions, then your answers will tend to be evergreen as well.

Evergreen basically means information that’s not going to be seasonal.

Your answers today will still stand true for months or years after you publish them.

If you post evergreen answers on Quora, then chances are you’ll get traffic to your landing page months or years after you first shared your answer.

How To Use Quora To Drive Traffic To Your Promotion Link

Now that you know just how important Quora is to your marketing strategy, it’s time to show you how you can use this powerful platform to drive massive traffic to your website.

Finding Questions to Answer

When signing up, you’ll want to select interests that are related to relationships.

Start by selecting social psychology and behavioral psychology.

Add things like communication and people skills and you will be given additional options.

Eventually, you will find the relationship and love interest options.

Selecting these interests will help you find good questions to answer.

You can also follow topics that might matter, things like.

Falling in love


Advice about falling in love 


Love Life Advice 

Romantic Relationships 

Advice About Love 

Loving a best friend 

I am sure there are plenty more, so be creative when looking for Quora topics.

As you get used to Quora you will see that there are tons of topics where you might find interesting relationship questions.

You can also search for questions related to relationship problems. These are generally the best to answer.

Here are some examples:

  • Why do men pull away when in love?
  • Why do people cheat on their partners?
  • Do men and women experience falling in love or being in love differently?
  • Why do I always push away the people who love me?
  • If a man says he loves you, then why would he pull away?
  • What makes a man fall in love with a woman?
  • Is it possible to love more than one person at the same time?
  • What is the dark side of falling in love?
  • Could you let someone go away because you love them?


Make the most of your Quora profile

You’ll want your profile to be complete. When you answer questions on Quora, your profile is one of the first things people will see.

They’ll see your name, profile photo, and tagline. Also, you’ll want to Add your credentials as well as your landing page or promotion link to your profile.

Make sure your tagline corresponds well to the type of questions you plan on answering on Quora.

If you’re going to be answering questions about relationships, then put something relevant in your tagline.

Make the most of your profile to make people curious about what it is you do and why they should believe your answers.

Not sure what to put in your profile?

No sweat, just go look at other relationship experts, see how they layout the bio, how they use links, and the kind of questions they answer.

Start Answering Questions

The best way to get the word out about your brand is by answering questions.

When answering questions, make sure you do it with the ultimate aim of helping others.

Don’t do it just for the sake of putting your promotion link out there.

Only when you provide value will you come face to face with the power of Quora.

You’ll get upvotes which will basically push your answer to the top and will allow your answer to get more views.

Don’t be sarcastic. Don’t be condescending. You should genuinely want to help. That’s how you’ll succeed in Quora.

Another important point is not to get hung up on the number of people following you on the platform.

Having followers on Quora is not the same as having followers on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram where your content mostly appears on your followers’ feeds.

Improve your Answers and Get More Upvotes

When answering questions, think of how your readers are going to feel when they read your content.

Will they find it easy to read, boring, fun, exciting?

The point is that you must always put yourself in your audience’s shoes.

Would you want to read a single 1,000-word paragraph?

I bet not. So, it’s important to format your answer to make it as easy to read as possible.

Pro Tip: Break up your response into bullet points. Use images, infographics, statistics, etc. to lend credibility to your answers.

Answer popular questions

Adding your two cents to a popular question will help put yourself in front of many new people, so always check out how many people are following a question.

If there’s a good number of people, take the time to scan through other people’s answers while focusing on the most popular ones. Then see how you can replicate their success.

If they’re giving 10 wonderful and practical tips, then try to top it off with 15 or even 20. Give more than what other authors are giving. Go the extra mile if you can.

You can even acknowledge and tag the people with the top answers.

This helps you get on their radar, and if you both answer questions in the same industry, then it’s highly likely you’ll bump into each other on other questions too.

Also, if you’re answering a question with plenty of followers, you may want to make your answer start off with something intriguing or controversial.

Something that will make that questions followers curious enough to want to read your entire answer when they receive a notification that a new answer’s been posted to the question they’re following.

You can start your own blog on Quora

Aside from answering questions in your favorite niches, you can also start a blog on Quora to gain more exposure.

You can write short or long-form blog posts and then link to it in your Quora answers.

For best results, link to your landing page or promotion link on both your Quora blog and Quora answers to make it easy for people to find you.

Make it a habit to answer questions and help people

One of the fastest ways to get your name in front of as many people as possible is by spending some time each day or week on Quora.

Make it a habit.

Try to think of it as lending a helping hand on a daily or weekly basis.

You may want to work it into your calendar. You can even schedule the topics you’d like to cover for certain days of the month.

For instance, on Monday you’re going to answer questions in the Entrepreneur category. On Tuesday, you’re going to answer questions from budding Internet Marketers, and so on.

You may not see the results immediately, but over time you’ll get rewarded for your time, not just in terms of traffic from Quora, but from search engines too!

The most active and prolific writers on Quora have more than a million or even two million answer views in a year. That’s hundreds of thousands of views in a month!

With Quora, you’ve got a ready-made audience waiting to read your awesome answers.

You’ve got a platform that search engines love. You really have nothing to lose – and everything to gain – when you market on Quora!