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Here’s some fast and smart methods for using Youtube to promote any product…

…with a huge bias towards promoting Beirresistible products.

We’re going to cover three things:

1. Why you should consider YouTube
2. What types of videos you should make
3. How you can optimize your videos and get extra clicks

Why Use Youtube…

There is huge potential to make money as an affiliate on YouTube.

YouTube has more than a billion people logging in to the platform each month, accounting for almost a third of total Internet users.

YouTube videos are also frequently shared and can lead to additional traffic.

Uploading videos to YouTube is free.

You can upload any length of video to YouTube.

You can also upload any number of videos to your account.

And you don’t need to pay a single dollar.

You’re not spending money to have your video posted on YouTube, but you’re going to benefit hugely from this free platform! Done right, this can become a free source of traffic.

YouTube videos are indexed on Google

You may have noticed that when you search for something on Google, you’ll often see YouTube videos ranking at the top of search results.

If you do YouTube SEO correctly, you just may see your videos ranking in the first few places for relationship keywords. This will mean free, passive traffic for you.

Imagine doing the work only once and getting people to view your videos repeatedly!

What Kind Of Video Should You Make?

There are two common types of videos affiliates make.

These are product review videos and fresh content videos.

Here are some details about the two.

Product Review Videos

Review videos are easy to make. You simply talk about a Beirresistible product, show pictures, give your own experiences, and finally encourage the viewers to buy the product.

Some affiliates will hire actors or actresses from cheap websites like fiverr.com and have them read sales scripts.

This is okay, but it’s important to provide quality content, and not make false claims.

Extra Technique: You can also provide reviews on things related to our Beirresistible courses.

This works for relationship books, other courses, relationship products and much more.

You can then put your promotion links beneath the videos.

An example could be making a review of Men are From Mars and Women Are From Venus by John Gray and adding a promotion link to Beirresistible below the video.

This can bring in relevant traffic from outside niches and lead to many conversions.

Of course, if you are reviewing other people’s books or courses, always be careful not to break any copyright laws.

It is also important to be clear that you are not the owner of our course, but rather just providing a review. See our rules for more information.


Pros: Review videos are fairly simple to make and can get SEO traffic and highly interested visitors.

Cons: There isn’t much traffic available and because of the simplicity, the competition for review videos is quite high.

Content Videos

These videos provide training related to relationships.

They generally offer more value and are frequently shared.

You don’t have to be an expert to share your own thoughts.

You can also summarize and comment on other peoples material.

Here is some of our free content. (You can use it as part of your content videos).

Review Article

Create Personalized PDF Affiliate Reports Here

There are also plenty of books and articles on relationships in the world.

Visit your library or do a Google search. You can summarize and comment on interesting material in your videos.

Talk about how you apply it to your own life.

Again, be careful not to break any copyright laws.

Example: You read some relationship articles about restoking the fire in your relationship.

You then make a video talking about those articles and give it a catchy headline like, “The Five Ways to Make Your Relationship Smokin’ Hot Again”

Pros: More content is available. There are endless numbers of keywords you can target. Providing more value to your viewers will get more shares and thumbs ups. You have access to more traffic.

Cons: The traffic is less focused on our specific course.

Conduct proper YouTube video keyword research to rank higher 

If you want your videos to get found on YouTube, then you need to know what relevant keywords are being searched for by visitors.

This is especially important for making content videos.

You want to make videos around topics people are interested in.

One easy way to find these keywords is to use YouTube Suggest.

YouTube Suggest appears when you type something on the YouTube search bar. When you start typing YouTube will suggest 10 possible keywords.

In most cases, many people simply scroll down the suggestions and click on something they like instead of typing the entire search query.

There are many other advanced ways to determine YouTube keyword traffic. We’ll provide more information on this in a future course.

You should use your main keyword(s) in your video’s title, video description, video tags, as well as in your custom thumbnails.

Mention your keywords in your video. If you want, you can also upload your own transcript to make it easy for YouTube to identify what your video is about.

Not sure what keywords convert well with Beirresistible courses? Here are some ideas.

Getting More Clicks On Your Video

Going Live on Youtube

One way to drum up extra traffic is to go live on youTube. This sets your channels and videos apart and can draw in even more attention.

Once live, you can share reviews or provide content just like you would in an offline video.

Just make sure you are prepared before you start.

Using a Catchy Thumbnail

A simple technique many marketers use is to upload a high-quality cover image to go along with their YouTube videos instead of choosing from one of YouTube’s default video screen captures.

A catchy picture goes a long way to grab people’s attention and encourages them to click through to your video!

You can find free stock photos to help you do this here.

You can also purchase stock photos from many websites like Fotolia or Adobe.

Using The Right Call to Action In Your Video

You want your video to end with a clear call to action.

We recommend telling your viewers to click on the link below.

It often helps to have a large arrow pointing down at the end of the video to draw their attention to the link.

People sometimes forget to add a call-to-action to their videos.

Their viewers are left scratching their heads wondering what they’re supposed to be doing after watching the video!

Don’t make them think too hard, tell them what they need to do.

People are only going to be seeing the first few lines of your video description, so make sure you put your link and call to action at the very top.

Here is one example of how your call to action might look.

LINK ← Discover why men pull away.

Do you need more ideas for your call-to-action? Here are some great headline text ads.

What if your affiliate link is too big?

You can use a link cloaking service to hide long and ugly URLs.

Two of the most popular URL shorteners are Google and Bitly.

With youTube, it’s important that you don’t come off as a creator of any Beirresistible product. Remember, to be clear about your intentions.

Also, buying ads on Youtube is not permitted.

To view our complete rules, go here.

Are You Excited To Start Getting Free Traffic From YouTube?

Well, you should be! Ranking high up on YouTube can mean wonderful things for your passive affiliate income.

What are you waiting for? Start planning how you’re going to approach your YouTube marketing efforts now.