If you’re promoting affiliate offers using fake reviews and likes on social media, then buckle in because it’s about to get bumpy.

Listen, it’s not 1984, and you can no longer game Google and climb to the top of the pile overnight. Fact.

What you can do, right now today, to make a difference is employ some smart marketing methods to your social profiles. Then, over time, you can grow sizeable and eventually profitable accounts.

Before we get deeper into this. I have a quick question: have you ever read a headline like the following…


“How I make $100 EVERY DAY on autopilot with Instagram – New Method”


I ask because the rest of this article is going to show you how to achieve that, but it’s not what you think… It’s certainly not for everyone. It’s only for people who want to build sustainable traffic sources that they can milk for dollars over and over again. Which, my friend, takes a bit of time, and is the key part that most MMO articles miss out.

Well, we hold ourselves to higher standards at Insider Affiliate. Let’s get into how you build these monster accounts and make the money.


How To Build Money Making Monsters With Social Accounts (SAS Method)


The slow and safe, or SAS Method, is a way of building a large audience of long-term prospects for your affiliate promotions. The method is quite simple: constantly proceed at a slow and safe rate of follower growth. If you incrementally tweak the number of the people you follow over a long period of time, your accounts are much less likely to be flagged as suspicious and banned. Game over.


Account Set Up


Your audience is real people going about their lives. When they click into Instagram, they might be hungry, thirsty, hot, or tired from a day’s work, maybe they’re cramped up next to a stranger on the subway or bus home, and they’re thinking about how their boss is a pig, and what they are going to have for dinner… They’re texting ten friends and playing a game… You get the point. Your social account has to capture their attention long enough for them to take action.

In short, that means set up the social account with decent profile images, an “about me“ page, and every other little bit of detail you can give. The more your pen name looks like a real person, or your business legitimate, the more time you get to hold on to peoples attention.

Think about it… nowadays, when we see an old or half-baked looking site, we immediately think danger. It might just be an old site. That’s the cycle of life on the web. And you don’t want your social property to look dated.


Content Is King


Content is king when it’s readable and relatable. That’s the job of a writer. As business owners, we cannot engage our energy in every single manual labor job, we have to outsource. And that requires a budget.

To compete on any level in marketing, you have to have a budget. That means a sum of cash you spend each month and are still cool to pay the bills. Unless you’re a wordsmith, you’re gonna be paying a writer. The days of winning while posted spun content are over.

What if the content is images and not words?

Same scenario. You must get a content plan together and then build a team to execute that plan.

Let’s say your campaign is on Instagram. And in addition to your usual posts, you’re going to start posting 3-5 love quotes per day, every day. That’s a lot of content, right? Content that needs to be pretty (basic design skills on Canva are fine), content that needs to be written, and then posted at optimal times throughout the day and night.


How To Drive Up Follower Numbers


Bots tend to get a bad rep. Yet a bot only does what it’s programmed to do. Remember that as we move forward.

A bot for gaining followers is a great way to start a new account off. When the account reaches tipping point and begins to grow organically, then you switch the bot off.

The two most popular bots on the market are Followliker and Jarvee. 

If you are looking for a complete course on either Followliker or Jarvee, I recommend Aaron Ward’s course (without use of an affiliate link). Click here for more details.

If you want to do as much as you can on a lower budget, then here is an alternative, in Matthew Sabia, who only uses Followliker.

Oh, and did I mention that you’ll need a VPS as well?

Unsure what a VPS is? Don’t worry, it’s explained on Aaron Ward’s information page.


Is It Worth It?


Yes, it’s for sure worth growing social accounts. As long as you accept that growing is a slow process. Not years, but months for sure. And to grow, you need to post content that resonates with the target audience rather than some cut-and-shut hatchet job on stock images and crusty old quotes from Victorian England.

If you have the time and money to get social accounts built up, then go ahead and get them built. Social media is free-targeted traffic, but it does take a little time.