Guaranteed Success: How To Pick A Niche, Become An Authority, And Swell Your Bank Balance


In this article, I’m going to show you the method I use to pick one successful niche after another.

If you’re already working in a niche, no worries because there is still something here for you.

In fact, as you continue reading, you might find yourself looking at your current niche in a new light. A new light that can lead to an increase in profits.

But first, I wonder if this sounds familiar to you…

Figuring out what niche to enter can be like trying to solve a Rubik’s Cube puzzle.

The odd moment of inspiration happens, but hours later, you’re still staring at the same puzzle, only now more confused with seemingly no answer in sight.

At this point, most of us ask Google the default question: how do I pick a niche?

Usually, we get served up the same answer…

Pick something you enjoy.

So we spend some time thinking about what we enjoy.

And then we hit rock bottom. Suddenly, we get the feeling that we either enjoy nothing, or what we do enjoy has little value when translated to an affiliate site.

On we go to the next default option. We open Clickbank. If we look at the products that have high gravity or big payouts, we’ve fallen into a niche.



How To Pick A Winning Niche (What Nobody Else Will Tell You)


As soon as you realize the power in what I’m going to say next, you will automatically have the confidence to enter a new niche.

Because the nut of picking a winning niche boils down to one key element…

But if I jump straight into what that key element is, I’d be doing you a disservice.

To begin, then, think about a time you enjoyed or heard about a truly amazing service from a small business. For example, I’m going to talk about a small independent car mechanic I used in my hometown.

My car needed some work, and in my hometown, I pretty much had two choices.

The first was to use a national chain of mechanics. The second was to use a one-man independent operation.

If I chose the first option, I knew I’d be driving my car again pretty quickly.

But I knew I was going to get niggled for upsells because that is company policy.

Performing free checks just to see what is wrong…

Pushing expensive brand name products…

Telling me my car is a death trap until I upgrade the brake pads…

If I chose the second option, a one-man independent operation, I would have to wait longer and it would probably be more expensive for the basic work.

However, I chose the second more expensive and longer wait option. Why?

Because the one-man band operation is known locally to care about his work and his customers. In other words, he has become an authority in his niche.

Now, I’m not knocking the national chain.

I’m saying that the one-man operation (a 50-year-old mechanic who has his own garage and works on cars in his spare time) is recommended by word of mouth.

He’s spent years becoming a master of his niche and people know him as someone who cares about his customer.

The physical world is not much different from the digital world when it comes to reputation.

…And if you take nothing else from this article, then take this away.

The key element to entering any niche is to love that niche enough that you care about the customer first and the cash second.

That sounds counter-intuitive, right?

Love — customer — cash.

Believe me, cash follows when you love your niche and care about your customer.

But what does it really mean to care about your customer?


The Secret That Wealthy, Successful, Business People Know About Entering And Dominating A Niche


You already know the equation for entering a niche.

Love — customer — cash.

Any attempt to alter that equation ends in disaster. And I’ll prove it.

There is a man named Gerald Ratner. Ratner inherited his father’s jewelry business in 1984 and turned it into a multi-million dollar empire.

Ratner’s jewelry could be found in every high street across Britain. Ratner discovered that people who could not afford expensive jewelry still wanted the feeling of having nice-looking things in their home.

So his company set out to make very low-cost jewelry. And it worked.

Right up until the moment Ratner gave a speech and told the world the products he sells are “total crap.”

In other words, he laughed in the face of his customers and said I’m only in this for the money.

Ratner’s empire crumbled quicker than a stale loaf of bread.

Here is that speech

On the flip side, imagine if Ratner had given a speech about market demand and how he was filling that demand. Well, he’d be a business hero and people would still buy his products.

The opposite of this example is James Bauer, a leading female relationship coach.

James Bauer’s goal is to help improve the relationships women have with men.

His focus is, first and foremost, on improving the lives of women. And he does this through free and paid trainings.

James Bauer is successful because his products offer real value to those who purchase.

In short, James Bauer follows the successful niche picking equation.

Love — customer — cash.

He does something he loves.

The success of his customer is first and foremost on his mind.

Financial success follows only when he has the first two parts.

What does all that mean to you and picking your niche?


How To Quickly FAIL In A New Niche

Several years ago, I created an affiliate site for a piece of software that created drumbeats.

I entered that niche for all the wrong reasons.

At the time, there were some low-competition keywords surrounding the phrase beat maker and the payouts on the software were high.

In literally a week, an affiliate site was created.

Then backlinks were driven and FB ads started.

The site got some good traffic numbers. But I failed to sell a single unit.

The reason for the failure is because I thought about the cash I could make first and my customer second.

Truly, I had no idea how a beat maker worked, let alone what benefit it could bring to a customer’s life.

Sure, I wrote loads of articles about the flashing lights, the bazillion pre-set features, and the hundreds of buttons…

But it was obvious that I did not care about my customer.


Implementing The Niche Picking And Success Formula (Even If You Have A Niche Now)

People say pick a niche in something you enjoy. Well, what about if you do this instead.

Pick a niche where you feel you can make a positive difference in people’s lives.

Enter a niche where you feel strongly enough about the success of your customers that your motivations shine through in every piece of content you write.

One piece of well written, value-driven content that gets shared can transform your business overnight.

It’s so hard to write that kind of impactful content when the outcome is not focused on customer success.

The content I wrote for the beat maker software offered no value to my customers. And as I knew nothing about beat makers, I could not evaluate my own content with an honest eye.

In order to succeed in any niche, ask yourself this question…

Do I care enough about the outcome of the customer that I’m willing to learn about their problems and do my best to solve them?

If you answer yes, then you’ve found your niche.